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7 & 8 December 2022


DMTC, The University of Tokyo

The disaster management training center is located within the Research Center for Disaster Prevention Information, Graduate School of Information Sciences, The University of Tokyo / International Research Center for Urban Infrastructure and Safety Engineering, Institute of Industrial Science.

Education and training in preparation for natural disasters is provided from the local public level to the national government level in Japan. However, many such educational programs are provided via lectures and workshops. Consequently, when a disaster occurs, local authorities and residents do not have practical experience of how or in what way to respond, leading to confusion and possible functional failure.

This limitation affects not only local municipalities but all levels from prefectural administration and government to national government central ministries. Therefore, to improve disaster response capabilities, targeting municipal, prefectural, and government officials in Japan, we established the "Disaster Management Training Center (DMTC)" to provide systematic and practical training. DMTC collaborates with researchers and organizations within the University of Tokyo and related business sectors in providing education and training programs.

DMTC researches, develops and standardizes concrete disaster management training and education systems suitable for both Japan and international society.

At the same time, in order to provide the highest standard of education and training content, DMTC will cooperate with central government ministries and the latest research, knowledge and technology related to disaster response will be used in the training programs.

DMTC is creating a knowledge-creation and sharing network with international society.

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