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7 & 8 December 2022



DevelopmentAid is a leading, innovative membership organisation providing comprehensive information services for the international developmental sector. By providing a nexus of funding opportunities, expertise, and carefully curated data, we specialize in connecting donors, agencies, consultancy firms, NGOs, and individual consultants working for international development.
At DevelopmentAid, our goal is to assist you in improving the performance, timeliness, and efficacy of implementing international development aid projects via outstanding customer service and data-driven execution.
At DevelopmentAid, our mission is unwavering: to deliver accurate, and comprehensive data to professionals in the international development field.
With instant access around the clock to the very latest in relevant and timely information, you and your organisation will be able to make better decisions, become impact driven, and improve value-for-money for all of your development ventures.
If you have any questions or would like to know about our world-class data services, please do not hesitate to contact us or activating the convenient chat window from any screen. We have a staff of over 100 experienced multilingual professionals standing by to assist you.

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