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6 & 7 December 2023


Live Demos & Simulations

The Flood Expo provides a first-hand experience at the latest innovations that are designed and developed to inform and prepare communities of flooding disasters in addition to demonstrating advanced anti-flood technology and simulate the many instances and situations that occur during flood disasters.

Discover how to better prepare you and those around you when you witness the devastating effects of floods and see live demos of the newest technology in flood prevention, detection, and mitigation.

Be surprised and shocked at how flooding can engulf your community with live simulations using the same technology used by the city of Libson, Portugal to help determine flood hazard zones.

Get immersed with VR and AR programs, like FEMA’s flood risk visualization VR tool, which creates an eyewitness experience of the damage flooding, including a damage exploration of a flooded neighborhood, the challenges of evacuation, and understanding how preparations can create a massively positive impact for such a disaster.

Understand the breakdown of flood detection with devices like the FPERS (powered by Google Earth) and how satellite gathered data can give emergency planners and responders the necessary information to plan ahead and mitigate damage caused by flooding.

Witness the power of innovation with demonstrations from some of the latest anti-flood technology, like the Water Gate, the Water Inflated Property Protector (WIPP), Quick Dam sandless sandbags, and much more! Find the latest wave tank demonstration to see from a miniaturized scale how waves can infiltrate communities and create devastating floods.

Be sure you see these demonstrations and innovations so you know how to better prepare yourself and your community when floods occur.