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6 & 7 December 2023


Innovation & Technology

Billion dollar flooding disasters have become more common and so is the need for innovative products, solutions and technologies to mitigate the damage caused by flood. The Flood Expo Asia will showcase the latest research based developments, most innovative technology, and analytic tools to effectively measure and manage the risk of floods.

With the world’s best product designers behind our exhibiting suppliers, The Flood Expo allows visitors to discover mitigating products such as classic burlap or polypropylene sandbags, as well as alternatives such as Water Gates, Water Inflated Property Protectors, Flood Barrier Socks, Modular Flood Prevention Solutions or other Floodguard systems. The latest preventative materials and products will also be showcased- to protect utility or structural systems such as flood-resistant construction materials.

The Innovation and Technology showcased provides an excellent opportunity not only for Government officials, Prime Contractors and Project Managers to source suppliers but also for Actuaries wanting to remain at the forefront of risk management and investors with a desire to prevent destruction and help the environment while achieving a financial return.