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6 & 7 December 2023


Water for Life Pte Ltd

Berkey water filtration systems have emerged as the top performing water filter in the industry. We have set the bar high with an unmatched water purification rating. This rating sets us apart and establishes a benchmark for others to attempt to achieve. The filtering element in all Berkey water filter systems is cleanable, making Berkey. We offer models ranging in size from the Travel Berkey to the Crown. The Big Berkey is the most popular model. The Berkey Light was developed as a high value lower cost alternative to the stainless steel models. All models use the Black Berkey purification element. Different numbers of this element are installed into the various systems and each additional element increases the water flow rate, giving the versatile Berkey the ability to serve from 2 to 150 people with a single unit. All Berkey products are manufactured based on their original twin founding concepts of simplicity and over performance. Each component is built with the highest quality standards and performance guidelines in mind. THe finest materials and the most advanced methods of production are used in the manufacturing process. Performance benchmarks are confirmed through independent verification laboratories.

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