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6 & 7 December 2023


Mudrock Media/AustralAsia Resources

Mudrock Media

At Mudrock Media we don't pretend to be the one and only option for every industry and niche out there... that's impossible! Instead, we believe in focusing on the specific industries where we know we can deliver results for our clients. That's why, from the beginning, Mudrock Media has been dedicated to helping companies and brands in sectors of Energy, Marine, Construction, Franchise-Restaurant industries, Hotels, Healthcare, Risk Management.... our reputation speaks for itself. Mudrock Media has present at all major Expo's worldwide, and distributed over 500,000 FREE Industrial Info Maps to hundreds of Clients. Mudrock Media work with best mapping technologies and with most experienced personnel in the field. Mudrock Media through this technologies help you to grow your business with both digital marketing and direct marketing. Advertise with us and we will promote your brand, finding potential customers, connect you with new audiences and advertise your services, your products.



AustralAisa Resources:

Oil & Gas AustralAsia was launched in 2015 to fill a gap in the Oil & Gas Industry to cover predominantly South-East Asia and Australia/New Zealand and has now spread in to China, Japan, Indonesia and almost all of Asia. Now the whole region is covered in one publication and companies can promote their business by advertising in just the one publication saving on advertising costs and readers have their news both online and hard copy in one place. As a magazine that likes to keep our readers about the Energy Industry, we will be increasing our coverage of the alternative Offshore and Onshore activities whilst still maintaining our usual Oil and Gas Focus. The magazine is rebranding to AustralAsia Resources beginning 2022. Online advertising is fully digital interactive and our readers can click on your advertisement and be automatically be connected to your website. 


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