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Since 1985, LEADER GROUP has designed and manufactured higher performing equipment used in firefighting, fire training and search & rescue applications and proposes them on the 5 Continents to :

  • fire and rescue services,

  • civil defense,

  • hazardous industries,

  • Public Safety services,

  • At-risk industries,

  • the Navy and other armed forces,

  • NGOs, etc. 

LEADER GROUP offers innovative equipment for firefighting, search and rescue, fire extinguishing training or for working in explosive atmospheres in industry:

  • Firefighting equipment:

    • Firefighting nozzles and monitors,

    • Firefighting blower fans,

    • Firefighting thermal imaging cameras,

    • Firefighting foam proportioners, eductors and fixed foam equipment,

    • BIOEX Foam concentrates,

    • Fire blankets,

    • and other firefighting material and accessories.

  • Urban Search and rescue equipment:

    • USAR Life detectors and life locators with seismic and acoustic sensors for life detection,

    • USAR search cameras,

    • Stability monitors and movement monitoring system,

    • Current/voltage detectors, etc. 

  • Firefighting training equipment:

    • Flame generators for realistic simulations,

    • Smoke generators / smoke machine,

    • Training extinguishers.


To meet the advancing challenges of fire hazards and search & rescue missions, equipment must continually evolve and adapt to be more effective while ensuring maximum safety for workers.

To meet these challenges, LEADER GROUP is committed to constant innovation and new technologies and has its own inhouse Research & Development team which works alongside end-users to design and develop the equipment that will be available tomorrow.

To test our equipment and assess its performance, we at LEADER continually invest in our own infrastructure:

  • Water and High-Expansion Foam test room (400 sq m)

  • Ventilation test room (400 sq m)

  • Fire test area in fire container - Fire extinguishing equipment

  • Casualty Search Equipment test area


When you choose LEADER equipment, you are assured of the quality and compliance of our products. These have been made in our workshops by our engineering and electronics specialists.

ISO 9001 certified since 1999, LEADER GROUP:

  • Carries out checks at every stage of the manufacturing process as well as on the finished products before dispatch,

  • Provides continuous training for all its staff.


Every LEADER product comes with a specific contractual guarantee.


Through its sales force, its subsidiaries (in Germany, Austria, China and the USA) and an international distribution network, LEADER GROUP is present worldwide, keeping us as close as possible to its customers.


For optimal and long-term use of the equipment you purchase, LEADER GROUP can propose suitable training on the handling, on the use and maintenance of the equipment. Training can be done at our site or at your own site.


With a strong national presence, LEADER GROUP is one of the top search and rescue and firefighting material manufacturers in France.

Also, with a significant international presence, LEADER GROUP is one of the leading USAR equipment suppliers and firefighter equipment suppliers worldwide.

LEADER S.A.S. now has over 65 employees and is part of the LEADER GROUP which is made up of 3 complementary business lines: LEADER, BIOEX and TEMPEST.

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