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6 & 7 December 2023



The Humanihut Field Infrastructure System (HFIS) is a rigid, rapidly redeployable, logistically efficient, fully integrated solution which provides the ultimate flexibility and versatility in temporary infrastructure. The adaptability and flexibility of the HFIS means it can be completely customised to satisfy a wide range of short, medium, or long-term applications in many sectors, including, humanitarian, medical infrastructure, emergency management, and defence. What sets the Humanihut Field Infrastructure System apart from its competitors is the unique, rigid, folding-wall, pop-up design. All components, accessories and necessary utilities are integrated for rapid deployment, scalability, and ease of establishment. Having autonomous utilities deployed with the HFIS means that it can run independently should mains water, power and wastewater infrastructure not be available. Structures are strong, rigid, climate-controlled, and able to withstand the harshest of climatic conditions, making them ideally suited for accommodation, office, meeting, or briefing rooms, field hospitals, medical treatment facilities, or storage facilities for IT and other valuable equipment. And, having a 20-year lifespan with the ability to redeploy as many times as required, the HFIS proves to be more cost-effective than alternatives such as prefabricated buildings and tents. Defined by the unique capabilities it offers, the Humanihut Field Infrastructure System provides an adaptable, scalable, and flexible solution to meet individual client requirements; operationally, financially and environmentally, as well as providing a comfortable, safe, and secure environment for occupants.

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