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6 & 7 December 2023


GENAQ Technologies S.L.

Since 2008, at GENAQ we design and make our Atmospheric Water Generators. GENAQ solution produces high-quality drinking water from air’s humidity, with no concerns about safety or logistics. We make possible to have potable drinking water anywhere, just air and a power source are needed. Our generators replicate the natural process of rain by condensing the air's humidity. In the past years, extreme events become more frequent around the globe and it's more important than ever to ensure that your emergency response plan is ready when disaster strike, specially regarding to an essential supply as water. Also for semi-permanent shelter solutions such as camps or field hospitals, it is a priority to cover all the water needs. We offer an reliable solution for water supply, paying special attention to weights and volume reduction, efficiency, portability, autonomy, low energy consumption and low cost per liter, as well as a minimum environmental impact. GENAQ has design an specific range of products to cover this need reducing logistical challenges related to transporting or other challenges related to purification systems with uncontrolled water sources. We have different lines: • STRATUS. Designed as Water Dispensers, for Houses, Offices, Hotels, Hospitals. From 50 to 200 liters/day. • NIMBUS. Designed as Remote Supply Units, for Remotes Residences, Hotels, Communities, Industrial Facilities. From 500 to 4500 liters/day. • CUMULUS. Designed as Emergency Response Units, for Emergencies, Health, Military Camps, Disasters, Civilians. From 50 to 5000 liters/day. GENAQ is present in more than 45 countries on the five continents (US, Africa, South America, Middle East…). Our customers include Governments, Defense Forces, Security Forces and NGOs and all over the world. GENAQ's solution is already in use in Armies (USA, Malaysia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia) and border services (SENAFRON, Panama). We have been also present in Hurricane María in Puerto Rico as an emergency response for water supply, as well as we supply atmospheric water generators to the UN for disaster relief.

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