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6 & 7 December 2023


FESTEC International Co., Ltd

The corporate name FESTEC, as an abbreviation of Fire Engineering & Science Technology , reflects our intention to be a leader in the field of fire engineering and science by devoting ourselves to accumulating fire-related technologies to prevent human beings from economic loss and bodily injury by a fire. Further, FESTEC will expand the business into research of advanced fire technology, certification service, and development of materials and test methods. Bodily injury and economic loss from fire are being more emphasized in advanced countries. Therefore flame-retardancy and fire-resisting products shall be subject to conformity test to relevant standards, for example, interior finish materials of railway vehicles and buildings, fire-resistant cable etc. are included. Therefore, conformity to standards shall be rated with our test equipment, although our fire test equipment market depends upon foreign test equipment, at present. Like this, FESTEC INTERNATIONAL's growth has a thread of connection with national policy.

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