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6 & 7 December 2023



Part of the LEADER group, BIOEX is a leading firefighting foams manufacturer. BIOEX formulates environmentally-friendly foams and traditional C6 foams.

Since 1998, BIOEX has developed a large range of firefighting foams: fluorine-free (FFF) and C6 fluorinated foams (AFFF and AFFF-AR). BIOEX was the first company to launch fluorine-free foam in the market in 2002. The company had a wide expertise on environmentally-friendly foams and a good expertise of fire risks.

Foam concentrates are efficient on class A fires and class B hydrocarbons and polar solvent fires. They provide fast fire knockdown and long burnback resistance. Foam performances are certified under international standards (UL, USDA, EN, IMO, ICAO, LASTFIRE…).

On a daily basis, our R&D team optimize existing formulas and develop new formulation at our own laboratory.

BIOEX supplies:

  • Fire Services in Municipal fire departments,

  • Civil defense,

  • Oil & Gas companies,

  • Chemical plants,

  • Airports,

  • Marine,

  • Military forces

  • and Waste treatment plants across five continents.

Through subsidiaries in Germany, in the USA and in China, completed by an international distribution network, BIO EX operates throughout the world and works as closely as possible with its customers. The company is focused on customer satisfaction and immediate service (foam analysis, 24/7 foam emergency service, fire test, support in the transition to FFF..).

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