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6 & 7 December 2023


BELFOR (Asia) Pte Ltd

BELFOR is the world’s largest disaster recovery service provider, with over 11,100 employees, spread across 55 countries and with more than 450 branches. In Asia, BELFOR can support disaster incidents across the region with over 210 experienced employees. Every year, BELFOR globally undertakes more than 250,000 disaster recovery projects. In Asia itself, BELFOR Asia was called to do inspection in more than 1,500 sites within the Asia region where disaster incidents occur every year. We assess and recover/reconstruct property affected by disaster incidents such as fire, explosion, earthquakes, typhoon, wind, flooding, rain, water ingress, chemical spills, or following environmental contamination. We bring together knowledge, experience, technical processes, chemicals, and tools, to carry out recovery of industrial and commercial property. We can also provide turnkey re-construction solutions. BELFOR will implement loss mitigation measures immediately following disaster incidents and provide a wide range of recovery options to help you to resume your business operations within the shortest possible period of time. Disasters happen at any time, in any place, and especially when least expected. At the time when you most need help, BELFOR is here to bring you back to business.

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